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Cake Decorating Clubs

Cake Decorating There is a magic about a beautifully decorated cake at a gathering. Whether it is a birthday cake or a 4 tier wedding cake. A work of art in confection is the centerpiece of any special occasion. While it is a long haul from spreading canned frosting on a sheet cake, to creating […] Read more

Cake Decorating Business

Cake Business Most people don’t think of going into business when they start cake decorating. Usually it is a hobby or because they want to make wonderful cakes for family events. Most people start a home cake decorating business because when they made these great cakes for family occasions, and those who saw the cake […] Read more
Cake Decorating Business From Your Home

Cake Decorating Business From Your Home

Cake decorating business like most other businesses can be run from home.┬áIt is cheaper because you don’t need to commute or buy a special wardrobe to go out into the public. You can also use a home office as a tax write off. Here are some ideas to help you start and succeed in a […] Read more