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Cake Decorating – Smooth and Even

Cake Decorating   If you want to become a master at cake decorating, you will need training and practice. Once you have mastered cake decorating you could become famous in the cake making industry. If you are a creative person you could go far when it comes to cake decorating. Even a person who is […] Read more

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Cake Decorating Childrens Birthday Cakes

Cake decorating Equipment: When you are decorating for birthdays and the holidays, you don’t need every cake decorating tool out there, but you do need a few basics. The following are a must for cake decorating. – Rubber Spatulas: These spatulas are made of flexible material and they are the best for scraping cake and […] Read more

How To Express Your Creativity Through Cake Decorating

Creativity Through Cake Decorating Cake decorating can be a wonderful hobby and is a great way to express your creativity. Cake decorating is a lot of fun and very rewarding, if you feel you like it well enough you can turn it into a full time profession. Cake decorating does take a measure of artistic […] Read more
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Cake Decorating Business From Your Home

Cake Decorating Business From Your Home

Cake decorating business like most other businesses can be run from home.┬áIt is cheaper because you don’t need to commute or buy a special wardrobe to go out into the public. You can also use a home office as a tax write off. Here are some ideas to help you start and succeed in a […] Read more
Simple Cake Decorating Ideas

Simple Cake Decorating Ideas

Cake Decorating Ideas Cake decorating is not as difficult as it seems. We look at the elaborately decorated masterpieces and feel completely intimidated. Here are a few simple ideas and hints to make your cake decorating project a winner. – Buy readymade cakes, or make your cake from a mix. – Make sure you have […] Read more

Cake Decorating Business

Cake Business Most people don’t think of going into business when they start cake decorating. Usually it is a hobby or because they want to make wonderful cakes for family events. Most people start a home cake decorating business because when they made these great cakes for family occasions, and those who saw the cake […] Read more
The Finishing Touch Of Cake Decorating

The Finishing Touch Of Cake Decorating

Cake Decorating There are many ways to put a finishing touch on your cake decorating project. Sugar-frosted fruit and fresh flowers are very popular cake decoration garnishes. They will add a contrasting texture, and add color to your beautiful creation. Using these items will allow you to spruce up a plain cake. Fruit Using fresh […] Read more